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We believe in our clients, and we care about them. Their mission becomes our mission; their goals, our goals. Let us help you bring clarity to your vision, coordinate key initiatives, and achieve greater impact.

Homestretch Consulting provides a continuum of capacity-building services that help organizations and communities address some of the most important challenges.  Whether it’s helping organizations engage stakeholders, disseminate data, build capacity to manage projects, or creating systems to improve efficiency, we come alongside our clients to offer tangible solutions for accelerating their impact. Our holistic and collaborative approach is rooted in a deep understanding of the landscape, best practices, and strong and dynamic partnerships.

Strategic Planning

Do you need help creating or updating a strategic plan?

Do you need assistance operationalizing an existing plan?

Do you need to increase stakeholder engagement and support with an existing plan?

Homestretch Consulting believes transformational change requires a shared vision, clearly defined goals, and a clear path to follow. Our proven approach to strategic planning works not only for single organizations providing direct services, but also for community initiatives involving public-private partnerships working together to address systemic change. Our consultants equip leaders with the information and support needed for data-informed planning and decision-making, stakeholder buy-in and engagement, and effective change management.


Project Management & Implementation

Do you need help creating a plan to manage a project or initiative?

Do you require professional support to implement a project?

Do you need assistance coordinating the efforts of project stakeholders?

Homestretch Consulting believes the success of a project or initiative begins with a comprehensive project management plan which includes clearly defined activities, timelines, roles and responsibilities and reporting structures. When you hire our team, we expand your organization’s capacity to support the successful implementation of your program and project. We act as the liaison ensuring that all of the contractors, staff, partners and other key stakeholders are working together and on track all while staying focused on the goals you have identified.




Communications Strategy & Content Development

Do you need help creating a cohesive communications plan?

Do you require professional support to develop a new brand and identity?

Do you need assistance crafting memorable content and campaigns?

Homestretch Consulting believes how an organization tells its story and communicates with stakeholders is foundational to driving change and increasing impact. We can help create communications that empower you to tell your story, rally the support of your stakeholders, and walk into your biggest conversations with confidence. Everything you want to build begins with the story you tell.  From extensive campaigns, on-going efforts, and one-time events, we can assist you in developing the strategies, plans, and content to promote your vision through a variety of different mediums.


Event Production

Do you need help re-envisioning an existing event?

Do you require assistance to design and coordinate a new event?

Do you need professional support to implement and manage an upcoming event?

​Homestretch Consulting believes events are unique opportunities to expand awareness of your mission, maximize your fundraising efforts, and engage your stakeholders. Our team has experience planning all types of events including conferences, charity auctions, dinner banquets, open houses, and more. Let us help you make your next event one everyone will remember! We can provide your team with support designing the event format to accomplish your goals and objectives, creating and managing all aspects of event marketing and sponsorship solicitation, drafting a written event coordination plan, and managing the event up to and including the actual staging of the event.

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