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We Believe...

Our clients possess the knowledge, insight, and relationships to achieve the solutions needed to drive their vision.

Let us help you identify, organize, and align those assets.


Our team of experienced nonprofit leaders and professionals are focused on assessing and addressing each client’s unique needs and guiding them toward solutions to advance their mission. Through our custom-tailored approach, we equip leaders and organizations with the tools, knowledge, and actionable processes to make a difference and to achieve their own vision. 


Annie Cornett

President & Owner

With over a decade of nonprofit experience, Annie understands the wide array of roles that those in the nonprofit sector are responsible for and the various hats team members can be asked to wear - because she's worn many of them herself. It was a desire to find a way to expand her own impact that led Annie to step away from community based work and support nonprofit professionals and organizations on their own journeys to realizing the missions that mean most to them. Her passion is to help teams define what success looks like for them and plan for growth toward that vision.


Annie believes strongly that her clients possess the knowledge, insight, and relationships to advance their mission, and that her gift lies in helping to identify, align, and leverage those assets to strengthen the approach and  resulting outcomes. She has an appreciation for looking at the bigger picture when it comes to bettering the community as a whole. Her ability to operationalize programs and initiatives  helps ensure the success and sustainability of our clients.

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